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The Creature Comes for Us is a game that can be played solo or multiplayer which uses a standard deck of cards, two six-sided dice, and the players' imagination. 

You play as a group of people preparing to fight against a currently unknown threat. You will learn (through drawing cards) about the creature that is coming for you, you will find resources and tactics to fight against them, and you will learn more about the unique traits and talents of the player characters. The second part of the game brings together what you've gathered to fight the looming horrors and you will find out if your characters and world can survive the onslaught.

The game can be used for a standard one-shot game with friends or for world-building and character-building purposes to slot into other systems. A finished game can leave you with a well-developed world in which to set a post-apocalyptic game for another RPG, or with ruins and a story for a future adventuring party to explore.

The download includes two versions. Both have been designed by an accessibility consultant to work on screen readers however the plain text version is specifically created with a range of visual accessibility needs in mind. 

Recommended: 2-5 players or as solo game. 2-3 hours to play. No GM (game master) is required to play.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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If your current financial situation doesn't leave you in a position to afford a copy of the game, please feel free to take a community copy from the pool. Each community copy contains both the standard and the plain text version (both are screen reader friendly) 


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The Creature Comes for Us is a one-shot RPG that lets you create a world, a menace that threatens it, and heroes who fight back. It is a card-based game that can be played solo or with a group, and the setting created can be used for a campaign.